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This will bring up a list of the properties that have sold within a selected price range. In the example below the user is searching for all properties that had a sale price between $200,000 and $250,000.


Once the search is executed the next screen will include several columns of information which are mostly self-explanatory. The column entitled Qual. Flag is where the nature of the sale is identified, such as foreclosure, bank resale, fiduciary, etc. This is an important factor when looking for sales to include with an abatement. It is the sales listed as qualified in this column that the City of Nashua will consider in defense of an abatement as it is those sales that would likely be indicative of market value. A qualified sale would be a sale between a willing buyer and willing seller and one which is an arms-length transaction between two parties. When a sale is listed as Needs Review that is a sale that has not yet been reviewed to determine the nature of the sale. It may be a sale that can be included as one of the comparable sales in defense of an abatement if the person filing the abatement believes it was an arms-length transaction. It will be important to submit as many comparable qualified sales as necessary to be able to show the overassessment.

When a sale is listed here as Other Reason this would not be a sufficient sale to submit with an abatement. This type of sale is a short-sale or one in which the seller was settling for much less than s/he owes on the property and therefore, these require lender approval. These types of sales also would not be used to set assessments as they are not usually indicative of market value.

For evidence in an abatement filing, it is important to only use sales which have occurred 6 months prior to the date of assessment (April 1st of the year of applying) and 6 months after the date of assessment. It is also important to list only sales listed as Qualified since these are what is used to set assessments.

To compare the data of a recently sold property with the subject property s data, note the address of the property that sold and switch over to Property Data (Webpro) program where all the data on each property is listed. Here one can compare the building square footage, # of bathrooms, or any other data that might affect the market value of the property to help determine if that particular sale is of a property similar to yours. If the sale is listed as a qualified sale, it would be appropriate to use as evidence with your abatement. For instructions using Property Data (Webpro) program go to

To avoid hitting Next Pg and have a running list of the selected sales, select the Printer Friendly option at the top of the screen.